Grace Displays-Rolex Oyster Datejust 179175F

On its long history, Rolex has been written its new chapters with its unique shapes, and every one of them is classic precise. Today, we brings an Oyster Datejust Ladies watches which. It is made of 18k rose gold and inherits Rolex style, presenting a wonderful chronograph for us. Opening Rolex history, we could see many designs that marks the milestone. Datejust adds date display upon the Oyster, thus combining with practical purpose. The watch case inherits Rolex Oyster design in its 26 mm case. It is made of delicate watch-making technology, and the case is made of 18 k rose gold, highlighting its tunes and material.

Ladies watches is small and thin, which could reflects feminine and softness. This graceful oyster case is the classic one. Looking from the profile, it has graceful profile, and smooth lines, which perfectly satisfy the need for ladies. This Datejust 179175F is made of rose gold, and three-piece links are developed by Rolex in 1956. This design contributes to a great wearing experience and easy operation. The Champaign color seems to be graceful and simple, and this is what Rolex Oyster case is about. It chooses the simplest way to display time. Ten shining diamonds are set around four bases, and as the time scales, the only crown is set at 12 o’clock. Classic three-hand design could satisfy most people’s reading habit, and no extra accessory can be found on this graceful dial.

Rolex swiss replica, at the first sight, won’t give you too much surprise, but after careful taste, every details is the reflection of great skill. For example, the triangular patterns that there are quite a lot of consideration on it. Designers have to consider every angles has to be calculated carefully. This Rolex Datejust Ladies not only carries the most authentic watch-making philosophy, it also has strong feminine sense.