Is it normal to have tinnitus every day?

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A friend of mine had never had any problems with his ears before, but he heard a buzzing sound every day. He thought it was caused by overwork, so he didn't pay attention to it. Later, he went to the hospital for a check-up, and the doctor said it was tinnitus.

Is it normal to have tinnitus every day?
Tinnitus is definitely not a normal phenomenon, but there are many clinical causes of tinnitus, and the treatment of tinnitus is a very difficult problem. The outer ear, middle ear, and auditory nerve may all be present. Some can be cured, but most cannot.

Frequent tinnitus may be due to the following reasons

1. Stress. Increased work pressure and reduced sleep often lead to a sound like cicadas chirping in the ears.

2. Endocrine disorders: Endocrine disorders, decreased estrogen, and autonomic nervous system dysfunction are the main causes of tinnitus in menopausal women.

3. Emotional instability Tinnitus is very likely to appear in people who are emotionally unstable. Tinnitus symptoms are often severe in people who are prone to anxiety and depression. Emotional instability can lead to tinnitus, and conversely, persistent tinnitus can aggravate emotional instability.

4. Long-term noise exposure The strongest sound that the human ear can withstand is usually 90 decibels. If it exceeds this limit, the fragile and sensitive inner ear has been damaged even if you cannot feel it. Irregular and highly irritating noises are more harmful to hearing.

5. Various diseases are mainly ear diseases, such as external ear diseases; vascular diseases can also cause tinnitus; one of the important symptoms of other systemic diseases One is tinnitus, such as nasopharyngeal cancer, autonomic nerve disorder, lack of blood supply to the brain, pre-stroke, high blood pressure, hypotension, anemia, diabetes, malnutrition, etc.

For tinnitus, the cause of tinnitus should first be determined as early as possible, so that rational medication can be targeted at the cause. (1) If tinnitus is not accompanied by symptoms such as hearing loss or dizziness, it is a particularly transient tinnitus, which is often a physiological phenomenon. Self-massage in front of the tragus has a certain effect and generally does not require medication. (2) The treatment of subjective tinnitus is difficult, and most patients become accustomed to it over time and do not feel the pain. Generally, diazepam can be taken, 2.5 mg each time, 3 times a day. (3) For those who have tinnitus caused by spasm of small blood vessels, nicotinic acid can be used, 0.1 gram each time, 3 times a day. (4) Tinnitus patients suffer most when sleeping at night. They can use masking methods, such as wearing Hearing Aids or special tinnitus maskers, and using sound to mask their tinnitus. You can also use an FM radio tuned to just cover up the tinnitus sound and use it at night. to alleviate his pain.

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