Love Ears丨Do you know the dangers of hearing loss?

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Have you ever misunderstood something or made a joke in your life because of your poor hearing?

Hearing impairment is an "invisible disability" that is not visible like the blind, physically disabled, brain or mentally disabled people. Hearing-impaired people are mostly introverted and do not know how to express their pain.

What are the dangers of hearing loss?
For the elderly

1. Damage to residual hearing, making hearing increasingly difficult;

2. The auditory system cannot be stimulated for a long time , deterioration of hearing and speech functions;

3. Loneliness and unhappiness, leading to serious psychological problems;

4. The brain cannot be stimulated by sound, which increases the prevalence of Alzheimer's disease;

5. The sirens, warnings, etc. cannot be heard, which poses safety risks.

For children

1. Influence on language learning and development ability

Children are in an external environment When learning to communicate, if there is no timely and good intervention for hearing problems, it will lead to weaker ability than other peers when learning language. At the same time, learning language without intervention will make them face poor language ability, which may This can lead to slurred speech.

2. Affect the child’s physical and mental health and future development

Children with the disease, or older teenagers, are more likely to develop Autism, depression, sensitive emotions. Being in this environment for a long time will have obvious negative effects on the body and mind. It makes children feel out of place among their peers, lonely and low self-esteem, and may even affect their future development.

If you have difficulty hearing, hearing loss, etc., please seek regular medical treatment for a clear diagnosis and scientific treatment. No matter what kind of hearing loss it is, It should be detected early, intervened early, and recovered early.

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