What is it like to sleep with headphones on and listening to music?

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In our lives, many people like to listen to music, because music not only allows us to release stress, but also cultivates our sentiments. Generally speaking, we only listen to music when we are resting or relaxing. Some People, they wear headphones even when sleeping and listen to music while sleeping.

What is it like to wear headphones and listen to music to sleep?

You can wear earphones to listen to music or books before going to bed to help you sleep. As a night owl, I have never tried wearing earphones to sleep all night. You can give me feedback after sleeping! Although I have never experienced it personally, I still have a deep understanding of my own sleep state. Can I ask if you can maintain a sleeping position (lying flat) and sleep until dawn? If you sleep on your side, it is really recommended not to wear earphones to sleep. Firstly, the earphones will fall off if you sleep on your side, and the bar of the earphone cavity will scratch your ears. It is more likely that the earphone cavity will be more painful if it slides to the back. In addition, it will also hurt in the morning. It’s a lot of trouble to find headphones; if you only wear noise isolation when sleeping, you can buy sleep earplugs. The theory is that you will sleep more soundly. The above suggestions are for reference only.

Playing soft music, closing your eyes and slowly relaxing your mind can help you sleep to a certain extent. So what are the disadvantages? If the human body sleeps with headphones for a long time, it will be very harmful to the ears. This is mainly because the eardrum and the vibrator of the headphones are very close, and the sound wave conduction range is small and concentrated, which greatly stimulates the auditory nerve of the eardrum and can easily cause dizziness, tinnitus, and hearing loss. Wait for something to happen. In addition, if the human body turns the body unconsciously while sleeping, the earplugs may squeeze the soft tissues of the ears, causing physical damage to the ears. Therefore, for the sake of your own health, it is recommended that you try to avoid wearing headphones when sleeping!

Many young people often wear headphones to listen to music while sleeping. This is also a problem worth noting. The damage to hearing caused by using earphones depends on how loud the sound is turned up and how long the listening time is. Earphones are one of the must-have items for many friends when going out. The World Health Organization has published a figure that there are about 1.1 billion young people in the world. You are at risk of hearing damage, and this damage is irreversible. The cause of this damage is that when listening to audio, the sound is too loud and the listening time is too long.

Do you know the dangers of sleeping with headphones?
There is a type of cell in our ears called auditory hair cells. If the sound is too loud, the hair cells will be over-stimulated, causing damage or even death of the hair cells. Hair cells are limited and cannot be repaired. There are specialized hair cells for each frequency band of sound. If the hair cells in this frequency band die, you will not be able to obtain the sound in this frequency band.
And the hearing damage caused by wearing headphones is aLong-term problems cannot be found temporarily. They usually appear in the high-frequency listening range and then slowly expand to the low-frequency listening range. Slowly, you will have the problem of not being able to hear the sound clearly. So if you don’t want to become deaf at a young age, you must pay attention to the volume and control the duration when listening to headphones. Also, try not to use in-ear headphones, which may cause greater harm. If your family has this habit, you must urge them to improve.

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