Is picking your ears a bad habit?

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Some people think that picking ears is a kind of enjoyment. They often pick it up and put it into the ear hole, regardless of the time, place, whether there is earwax or not, and regardless of the length, thickness, cleanness or dirtiness of the tool used to dig ears, and concentrate on digging. stand up. In particular, some barber shops and massage parlors also prepare a set of exquisite ear picking tools, including long-handled bamboo ear picks, long-handled spherical small brushes, triangular shaving knives, etc. These utensils are easy to sterilize and are definitely a perfect medium for the transmission of germs, which is very unhygienic. From a medical point of view, it is not recommended to pick out your own ears frequently because there are many harmful effects.

Is picking your ears a bad habit?

Plucking ears is a very bad habit.

Because earwax itself is also a substance secreted by the human body to protect the ears. It can prevent small bugs from entering the ear canal and can also stick to dust entering the ears. Therefore, earwax is a line of defense to protect the ears. If you dig out all the earwax If it is removed, dust and small bugs will directly enter the ear canal and cause damage to the ear.

Moreover, the tools used to dig the ears are generally not clean. If the skin of the ear canal is damaged, the ear may be infected with bacteria and cause suppuration. If you use improper force and accidentally puncture the eardrum, you will become deaf.

It is a very bad habit to like to pick your ears. Do not form the habit of digging your ears frequently, generally once a week or so; but in places with a lot of dust or for people with "greasy ears", the length may be shorter and can be controlled according to your own circumstances. Ear-picking tools are generally not clean, which can cause the external auditory canal of the ear to become infected with bacteria, become swollen and suppurate; if you accidentally puncture the tympanic membrane inside the ear, you will become deaf.

Picking your ears is a bad habit, mainly because of the following reasons:

1. Bacterial infection

Ear The inner wall of the tunnel is relatively weak and easily scratched. When you use your fingers to go in and pick out your ears, have you ever thought about what your fingers just touched and how much dirt there is between your nails? The editor once saw an elder who picked his feet and immediately went to pick out his ears. Not to mention how dirty his feet are from sweating. If you have athlete's foot, there may be some fungi attached, and the gaps between the nails are also places where dirt and evil practices can hide. , if these dirty things remain in the ear canal when you remove the ears, can you imagine what will happen to them in the ears? Bacterial infection is very likely.

2. Breeding of mites
Mites can be said to be the most common but difficult to eradicate microorganisms. They are invisible to our naked eyes. If our nails are not cleaned regularly, It may also become their "comfort place". When you pick out your ears, these mites may also enter the ear canal with your fingers. If they enter the ear canal, it will be more difficult to clean the mites after breeding. It is said that basking in the sun can kill mites. , but how to get rid of mites in the ears?

3. Scratching the ear canal and ear bleeding
This situation often occurs and is not uncommon. Most cases of ear bleeding are due toWe pick out our ears in the wrong way and scratch the ear canal. As I said just now, the inner wall of the ear canal is weak. If the force used is not appropriate, scratches are very likely. After the fingers penetrate into the ear canal, the force is often not as strong as ours. It can be controlled, because the action of picking the ears with fingers involves bending the finger joints. This level of force is difficult to control in the narrow ear canal. Many people pick their ears just for the pleasure, so they use a lot of force, and scratches on the ear canals often occur. .

Therefore, when we pick out our ears, it is best to use professional tools. Even tools like kapok swabs may not be safe. You can use a light to see clearly what is inside the ear. These ear scoops are spiral-shaped, which makes cleaning better. Moreover, with the help of its own light, you can see more clearly and feel more confident when picking out your ears.

So, if there is too much earwax, should I remove it?

A small amount of earwax, it is better to leave it alone. If there is too much earwax and it affects hearing, of course it should be removed as soon as possible. If there is too much earwax filling the ear canal, it is best to ask a doctor to remove it to avoid damaging the ear canal and eardrum, causing unnecessary inflammation or perforation.

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