Is there any offline after-sales service for the hearing aids purchased on Taobao?

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Hearing Aids belong to Class II medical devices (along with X-ray film machines, B-ultrasounds, biochemical machines, etc.). According to national regulations, their safety and effectiveness need to be controlled.

Is there any offline after-sales service for the hearing aids purchased on Taobao?
If it is a well-known brand hearing aid, such as Ostar hearing aid, which is sold online and promises free offline adjustment and maintenance in your city, you can consider purchasing it. Otherwise, after-sales service and adjustment will be troublesome, so it is recommended to buy it in a physical store. Hearing aids.

Most people who buy hearing aids online may only consider the price, and the hearing aid has a use period of 5-8 years, or even 10 years. So much so that in the long run, buying in a physical store saves you money, because every free debugging saves you hundreds of dollars in additional expenses.

It is recommended that everyone carefully consider the following points before purchasing hearing aids online:

1. Hearing aids must be "matched", not "bought" .

Many people know that when they are sick, they need to go to the hospital. They have to go face-to-face with the doctor to collect medical history and conduct a consultation process of "looking, smelling, asking, and feeling" so that the doctor can prescribe the right medicine. The same is true for hearing loss. You need to go to a formal institution to do a detailed hearing test, and find a professional hearing aid to adjust and select various models according to your personal hearing loss, so that you can intervene correctly and hear comfortably. For hearing aids purchased online, it is difficult to complete this process.

2. Is it really possible to provide online hearing aid trading and offline services? The hearing aids we see online are generally much cheaper than those in physical stores. The exciting feeling is self-evident, but can the wearing effect be expected?

a. Can you guarantee that the hearing aids purchased online are genuine?
At present, the domestic hearing aid market is a mixed bag. A few unscrupulous merchants may take risks and refurbish hearing aids of big brands. There are cases of secondary sales and shoddy products. It is difficult to verify whether hearing aids purchased online are brand new products, and its effect is even more difficult. Anticipate.
b. Online and offline may not be synchronized
The use of hearing aids is long-term, and regular fitting stores will provide regular tracking services for the wearers’ hearing aids; while sellers on online platforms are all over the Across the country, buyers may only enjoy the "buying" process. Online sellers are not necessarily offline service merchants. What about the after-sales service of hearing aids? Although the merchant states that it can help find a place for after-sales service, you must understand that the so-called after-sales service may be paid.

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